Week 7. Timbre. Sampling (part 1)

Homework review

Timbre review

  • harmonic series on strings (interact here)
  • levels of energy at different harmonics impact timbre (interact here)
  • different synthesis methods based on this (+ physical modeling)

Musical examples
Alva Noto, Uni Asymmetric Tone


Another approach: sampling. Record a sample, play it back. Change pitch, play backwards, add envelope, filter, etc.

Hardware samplers. Software samplers. Examples on Ableton Live:

  • Simpler: record whistle; play instrument samples.
  • Sampler: more sophisticated controls.

Granular synthesis:

  • New timbres (interact here)
  • Functional use: change tempo while maintaining pitch (see this example)

Example use in performance: Edge of the Universe Project.

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