Week 8. Sampling + Studio

Sampling code examples

(see NAS folder):

  • Player
  • Sampler
  • Granular Synth
  • Effects

Midterm ideation exercise

Ideation exercise:

1) Review the concepts covered in class so far + the exercises you have done. Write down ideas that inspire/intrigue you. A specific concept you’d like to explore in more depth, a type of interface / interaction, anything.  

2) Write a first concept draft. What idea will you explore? Think of sonic/musical/visual/interactive references & context.

3) Start sketching the interaction. Musical elements & mappings.

4) Start drafting program in pseudocode. Look up relevant objects in docs / examples.

Discussed ideas from students:

  • ZZ: very long sample. Some refs:
  • Dyadra: colorful instrument / VR. Some refs:
    • VR:
    • Playthings by George Michael Brower
    • Family by Björk
  • Baaria: infinite triangle. Some refs:
  • Mary Kate and Skye: words, everyday language. Some refs:
    • Chassol, procedural harmony
  • Angela: choose your own adventure, found sounds (radio, dialog)
  • Maria: harmony, narrative


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