Week 9. Midterm documentation format

1. Concept. In one or two sentences, what is your project? What does it do?

Why this: What were your motivations/inspirations? What were you looking to explore/express/learn? (particular elements of music, interface mappings, sound techniques, aesthetics, etc.)

What context do you envision it living in? What do you hope people will get out of experiencing it?

2. Project.

Link to working project hosted on NAS

– Demo video / screen capture of you performing it (especially if interaction / intent not obvious on interface)

3. Technology. How does it work?

4. Process. What stages did you go through in creating it? Include early sketches, describe challenges and solutions/workarounds. Next steps: what would you improve in a next iteration?

5. Acknowledgements and references If you used code from examples or other projects, cite them, and tell us what you did. If you got help from fellows/teachers, thank them.

Documentation posts are due on Tuesday.

Next two classes: 

– Thursday: Gaming lib with Owen Roberts

– Tuesday: Communication from Arduino to p5 with Jiwon Shin

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