Animation Storyboard

This is a story about blowing bubbles. I’m doing something similar for Computational Media so I thought this would be a nice supplement to that. Basically a boy is running  around the park and he finds a vendor selling bubble blowy things and buys one and blows bubbles.20131126_134142

Storyboard for Animation by Kiki and Tom

Our animation is mainly about how to be a good student in college. We include it in the lyrics of a song similar to the one in Sita Sings the Blues. We also make several  people or robots singing, dancing and making different movements.

We are sure that our animation will be super fun and especially the song is awesome!!!

Please look forward to our work!Animation Storyboard

Yulanda and Joy’s storyboard for animation



First of all, thanks for Yulanda’s perfect drawing!!

This is our storyboard for animation. Basically, what we wanna do is a little boy’s life from he wakes up till he goes to school.

The highlight of our story is the finger on the picture – yes, it should be a REAL finger. So it looks like a person – maybe it’s you – is controlling this little boy’s life XD

Hope that we can finally make this interesting piece as we’ve imagined for you!