Rough Cut: Connie, Villa and Alicja

Here is the rough cut of our project – homage to Shanghai:

Brief reflection:

Editing is hard! Trying to decide what to cut and what to use, finding appropriate music, figuring out transitions… We certainly did learn a lot in the process.

We realize the video is perhaps too long, and the transitions are not as smooth as they could be, but we are hoping for class suggestions on what to cut, what and how to edit, which parts are interesting and which ones are boring, as we found that we feel very strongly about our footage, which makes it hard to make decisions. That’s why we are excited to present it in class and hear some advice given from a different perspective.

ZZ, Guillermo, Mental, and Max Sound Project Revisions

Our sound project was a lot of fun when we recorded it and brought it together.  It was really cool to start at the beginning with learning how to use the different equipment, software , cables, and microphones.  But with any project there are many aspects that must be improved.

In class, some of the suggestions that we got were about volume, specifically about regional volume: ensuring that some parts weren’t significantly louder than others.  For example, the voice of the narrator in some segments was too low compared with the voice of the sorting hat or whoever else was talking.  In some cases this was because we had had two people recording at one time and one person was further away physically from the microphone.  So in our revision process we adjusted the volume in the very specific regions that sounded lower than the portions around them.  Basically we made the narrator’s voice sound louder.  Particularly for the narrator, we knew that that was important because a narrator should sound like a voice that is over everything, rather than a voice coming from far off in one direction.

Another thing that we tried to fix in our project was to adjust the ‘p’ sound that came in some of the sections where for example, the ‘p’ sound in ‘Potter’ or ‘People’ or ‘Professor McGonnagall’ would be too loud, and cut out at the top.

We think it sounds better now, and we are feeling pretty good about the sound project.


Max, ZZ, Guillermo, and Mental

Storyboard by Nicole, Kathy, Mental, Francis


Scene 1: 2013.8.11  It was the first day we came to NYUShanghai. (Some photos with lively music).

Scene 2: GPS Lecture. A long shot from the back of the lecture. Some short shots from the front side:  It’s true that people can’t help falling asleep in GPS lecture.

Scene 3: Long shot: enjoy taking showers; Short shot: hit by shower heads: It’s true that shower heads in the dorm always hit people by surprise.

Scene 4: It’s true that 阿姨 once stopped offering toilet paper and the washroom makes people feel sick.


Scene 6: We have the most wonderful birthday party in the world here!

Scene 7: Various kinds of after-class activities here!

Scene 8: AND…The most amazing IMA course you have in your whole life:D 

We are still deciding photo or video shooting methods for different scenes.

Look forward to seeing our next exciting progression!