Final Cut of “You Belong with Me” by Catherine, Sherry and Susie

You Belong With Me



It occurred to me that it would be much fun to remake a music video that was popular. So we unanimously chose You Belong With Me, a music video of Taylor Swift, because we all like its story. We started with an sense of excitement and perfect imagine in our mind but we soon faced with a big challenge–that the reflection of glasses forbid us from shooting things through windows!!! We spent much time on finding a solution and finally we made it by shooting part of it in daytime and shooting the other part of it in the evening. When we edited it, we changed the brightness of the images to make them fit each other. Besides, it was hard to keep the time exactly as the original video. We spent a lot of time shortening the videos while still keeping the sequences make sense. Moreover, how long is one scene last really matter. So we took someone’s advice to longer the scene of Sherry Zhuang showing “Tired of drama”. To sum up, we did a quite good job to solve many problem and succesfully finished a good video! I am satisfied with what we have done.


This project about video shooting and editing really makes me fall in love with producing videos! Actually, when we began to shoot footages, we met a lot of difficulties. For example, we can’t find a suitable room with a big window to shoot the beginning scene of the music video. We also had a hard time zooming in and out in a stable way. However, as we got more and more familiar with the camera, things became much easier and much more fun. We chose the lobby window in our dorm and change the setting of the opening scene. And we also changed the brightness in Premier to make the lighting inside consistent with the lighting outside. I think one of the biggest challenge in reshooting a music video is the match between the new video and the original sound track. Because we remove a few scenes from the original one, we also need to cut off the audio and make it sound like a whole and continuous piece. We used some audio transitions to deal with this problem, but there is still some place to make improvements.


It is really interesting to make a music video by ourselves, but it is also a challenging experience. What I think is most difficult is how to act. I just found that not everyone can be a good actress. It is really hard to show your feeling and thoughts only by your facial expression, and you should still looks beautiful. And the next thing is shooting. We have a lot of thoughts before we started out project, but they are somehow hard to realize, and we try to use something else to replace it. For example, we use the text message to replace another window shot, as we thought that may be repetitive. The transition of music between different parts of the mv still needs improvement. Because we can hardly achieve some scenes in the mv, we cut some parts of it , and we find it hard to connect the music fluently. In short, this is a challenging but interesting experience

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