One thought on “Burger Babes Shanghai – Renel Sun

  1. Reflection:

    Working alone on this project certainly made my video project not as layered or complex as it could have been. Seeing the dramatic difference in what I envisioned verses what was actually feasible was also a bit discouraging. Planning out a perfect movie/video is much harder than it seems and requires precision far beyond what I was capable of at the time. At least now I know!

    The most interesting thing I learned however was that things I captured and found funny were not universally funny or interesting. It was also interesting to see how I could defy the logic of time and still successfully move the viewer through the burger babe experience while actually jumping illogically through time and conveying things unrealistically.

    Overall I’m glad I can use Premiere now and have a much better understanding of what it takes to make a great video. Thanks!

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