Animated Chinese Painting and Calligraphy– Connie Yu

Here’s the video of my animation project: Animation by Connie Yu

The animation project requires the combination of Photoshop, After Effects and Premeire, which is really challenging and time-consuming. But we did it! And all the final works are excellent! 

The goal of my animation is to make traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy alive. This idea occurred to me the moment when  we were informed to make animations. The process of making animation is enjoyable. I cannot even stop once I begin to work on my project. Basically, my animation is about the 3D moves of birds, flowers, insects and fish. I use calligraphy and sounds such as birds chirping and water flow to make transitions between different scenes. The background music is a classical tune played by Guzheng– a traditional Chinese musical instrument. The song is called 渔舟唱晚–if any interest : )

Here’s some tips based on my experience of Adobe After Effects:

  • Rotation is really important when making 3D effects.
  • “Pen tool” is a good way to make penmanship.
  • Always make sure that your working files are of the same size. (I once made my files in different sizes and had to fix all the stuff…)
  • Be careful, Don’t lose any of the working files or relevant files in the process!

All in all, I’m so glad to be in this class. It is incredible that I hadn’t heard of “Adobe” before I took Comm Lab! The final effect of the animated paintings and calligraphy looks really well and actually exceeds my original expectation!

Thanks Marrianne and all my classmates. Your talents inspired me a lot  during the whole semester, and your comments and reflections helped to improve my projects. Thank all of you!

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