Photoshop Project

For our project, Ian, DongNing and I played on a running joke within the NYU Shanghai community. There’s a student in our class named Jimmy who is often the subject of humorous photoshop edits, the most notable currently being the cover photo of the NYU Shanghai Class of 2017 Facebook page.

Jimmy Dogsledding

This picture led to a surge in popularity in “Jimmy pics,” with various students from our class editing his photos for a laugh. Jimmy himself had a good time with it and laughed it off like a good sport. But when we were assigned this project, my mind immediately turned to bringing “Jimmy pics” back.

Ian started off with a picture of Jimmy that we put on Christian Bale’s body, on the cover of American Psycho. Then, Dongning hilariously put Jimmy in front of a kitchen table, cutting up vegetables, but keeping the same now-comical glare. Now that the scene was set, I got rid of the background around Jimmy and put him in space over the Earth.

For the second round of edits, Ian edited the “American Psycho” logo and replaced it with “Jimmy learns to cook in space,” while keeping the font the same, resulting in a really cool effect, while also adding shading. Then Dongning added another flurry of foods around Jimmy. I finished by giving him a spaceman suit and a chef’s hat on top of it. Here’s the final product!

Jimmy cooking in space

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