Erin’s animation project reflection

I thought up many possibilities for my final animation project, and one of them was the animation I did halfway with Bill. I at first designed the waving paper puppet, and a high resolution picture of the globe was in my laptop, so I decided to make them dance to the music “We Are the World”. After discussing with Bill, we decided on which section of the music we should select, and the main contents of the short animation. It was a very interesting experience to work as a group, and we had to constantly share files, and communicate with each other on how to make the piece be put together. Through this project I practiced how to make a puppet move, and the frequent use key points. Since I was more sensitive to music, after being taught how to link the moves of an animation to music to, I decided to start off my own project.

It took me a long time to choose appropriate music and ideas. To express the synchronization of the animation and the music, the music had to have clear beats. It was also hard for me to find a Capella for certain songs, so I set my mind on pure music. Actually, I did not totally get the hang of how link the animation effects to the music, but after watching a short clip on, I was able to do it on my own.

At first I wanted to find several pictures and make them relate to the music, but it was hard for them to work well together, and it was hard to make a transition between them. After trying a few effects with the same picture, I decided to only use one picture—the galaxy. The different shades of blue was very expressive, and the tone of the music was calm and mysterious. The hardest part of my animation was organizing the sequence of the effects, and making the transitions natural and not so sudden. I used Bubble, Shatter, the outlining effect, Flames and Twist in my short piece of animation. And I enjoyed playing with the effects a lot.

I am glad that I was able to practice different techniques of using After Effects in my two projects. And I hope that I will have time in the future to continue to make short animations on my own!

Final Video Project: UBA Promotional Video

For my final project in Communications Lab, I made a promotional commercial for my club, the Undergraduate Business Association.

The first step I had to take was figuring out exactly what I wanted in the video, and in what order. Since there was no real chronology or story to the commercial, it was difficult figuring out what to add. I spent a lot of time looking at other business-esque commercials to figure out exactly what I wanted to put in.

The first scene I made was the “Be A Word” scene. This was one that we had discussed previously amongst members of the club, without a real consideration that it was perhaps possible to actually create it. I had a lot of fun making this scene; picking the nouns and animating it to increase the speed was exciting and fun.

Next, I put together an introductory slide, which had the word “Be” transition to the color red, a motif throughout the commercial. I also left the word “Be” out for a second longer than the rest of the commercial to emphasize the “Be” sound that is present in “UBA.” I think this was particularly effective since it was followed by a large “Be A,” which obviously features the same sounds.

Next, I got some words from club leadership regarding what makes UBA special and unique. After filming, I actually put it into After Effects to add in the titles of those speaking. I used masking to spread the effect out from the outside, which was actually quite difficult to make look nice!

Finally, I added some information at the end regarding how to get ahold of the club leadership. This project was fantastic for me, because it allowed me to create an entertaining work that I’m proud of, and help my club.

Here is the video: 

And it can be found on youtube here




Sita Sings the Blues Commentary

When I saw Sita Sings the Blues, I was enthralled by the distinct artistic portrayals in the film. To be perfectly honest, I actually found myself intimidated by the precision and craftsmanship with which every unique form was made. The story and songs themselves were also quite compelling in their own right.

However, the piece has received quite a bit of criticism for either being insensitive to Hinduism, or that it lacks the logical, standard pacing of a regular film. Although I cannot address the first complaint, the second one is one to consider. I feel as though there is an interpretive problem with Sita Sings the Blues, wherein viewers expect a cinematic movie, get something different, and simply dislike it.

I think Sita Sings the Blues should be taken and appreciated in the same way as a nice painting. All things considered, the piece was likely made in the same way as a painting would have been: by someone, alone, in their home. The piece also is particularly notable for the artistic style, like a painting often is. Thus, I feel as though for one to completely appreciate the work, one must view it as though it were a beautiful painting. In that way, he or she will be able to enjoy the work in its purest form, and savor in its most wonderful features.

Reflection on animation project “My Fairy Tale”

This is the project that I have the deepest impression for this semester, not only because I finished it by myself for hours and hours, but also it’s such a comlex project which needs all other software skills.

The project start with the photoshop of all materials. Then is the complex aftereffects part. And finally add sound and make the combination in premiere. I have never tried  AE before and I have not epected it complicated and time consuming like this. The trial of making Tedy bear move is really a tough job. I think the most difficult part is to make it move naturally. I have designed a lot of actions for my bear but seems many of them are hard to accomplish so I  finally decided to redesign the motion. Even I photoshoped each part of the body and use pin tool to make every part move independently, when all parts combined together, the pin tool still causes some problem as the strenge bend of a certain part. But also, it is very interesting to observe and analyze how things move naturally and realize it in animaion.

I feel like some times it will make the work much easier if use the null-layer well. As a conclusion, I think in order to accomplish a rather complex aimation work, you have to design every details carefully




Final Animation Project Reflection

My animation, “Foreigner: Part 1” went through several forms before reaching the final product which I presented to our class. Originally, I wanted the animation to be a short film that explored the growth of a waiguoren (outsider) in a new city. Occurrences such as busy subway cars, a mysterious language, burning hot dumplings, etc. make the foreigner question his move to this new land. But as time goes by he gets acquainted with the culture and customs that make this place unique. While I did not have time to complete this entire plot, I opted to submit a part 1 of what this adventure could eventually become. This chapter concludes with our character catching a glimpse of a beautiful women across the street, he is stopped in his tracks.

I really enjoyed creating this project because it allowed me to combine the set of skills I have been developing during the semester while taking Comlab. From choosing and soundscaping the audio of the video to consideration of the colors and design of the world of my animation, I know for a fact none of this would have been possible prior to this semester.

I had no idea that animating, even without stop-motion, still takes an incredible amount of time and concentration to deliver a cohesive product.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments and feedback.


For the Glory of Satan of Course: Animation Reflection

The animation:

Ferwa’s reflection:
For our final project, Sarabi and I worked together and created our self-drawn, somewhat morbid animation, “For the Glory of Satan of Course”, featuring guyblob, girlblob, and a rather pitiful elephant. We started off by drawing all of our components using a tablet and Photoshop, and eventually began to put them together in After Effects, which I found to be a little iffy in terms of organization of files and layers. The critique we received in class was based on the 5 seconds of animation we had gotten together for the first scene – in which girlblob falls down from the sky after school to share guyblob’s umbrella and fall in love – as putting everything together only commenced after we had sufficient components drawn, which took a while, and we had to redraw some parts because of some colour-filling issues due to my sketchy drawing. The suggestions we were given included manipulating the background a little more, perhaps making the clouds move, to give the whole scene a little more motion, due to the fact that the blobs’ features do not allow for repositioning; e.g. they don’t walk or run, they glide. Animating all the scenes was a slow process, but we got it together eventually by the final presentation class, minus the scene in which the blobs burn and sacrifice the elephant to Satan and receive money. We also removed the rainbow rain that we were to include in the animation, as it took a very long time to animate so many drops. The gasps and amusement from the class, in particular, upon witnessing the swift murder of the elephant was particularly pleasing to me, as I had the elephant die abruptly and it was satisfying to see that it invoked some reaction. We included the burning scene afterward, as well as select music to accompany and finish the whole thing off. If I were to go back and make an adjustment, I would edit the swoop of the elephant’s tusk when the girlblob turns it around, by changing the anchor point and having it rotate on the spot. It was a great learning experience to be able to create an animation, and I look forward to making some personal projects in the future.

Sarabi’s reflection:
I’m not sure how much I can say without being redundant, but here goes.

When the animation project was first introduced to the class, three ideas immediately came to mind. I ultimately decided against those ideas because another student and I planned to execute them, and I wanted to work on them outside the realm of the class. Later, when we watched “Sita Sings the Blues,” I had the desire to have “falling things” because they’re aesthetically pleasing. After a bit of discussion, Ferwa and I decided to use her characters and create a creepy-cute story. The “falling things” were supposed to be rainbow rain, but that turned out to be difficult to animate. We may revisit in the future, when there’s more time.

Important notes – AfterEffects doesn’t like to import folders, at least not in my experience. The folders will import but it creates an unnecessary level of difficulty in organization and animation. To start the animation I had to take Ferwa’s character layers out of their folders and redraw/fill some of the pieces because they were transparent. It took quite a bit of time (mostly because I didn’t know what the problem was right away) but it only needed to be done once. I also learned that the background layer MUST be unlocked. It’s actually better to either delete it or turn the visibility off so you get an accurate picture of how the asset will look in AfterEffects.

This project was super helpful in acquainting me to AfterEffects, which I’ll apparently be forced to use in the future. In between now and then I’ll create the three aforementioned projects (time allowing) and implement the skills I learned over the last month.

Jack’s Exercise 11: One Day of Tuzki

One Day of Tuzki

This is my project for animation. I had a dream when I was a child, the drawings on paper starts to move in that dream. I had a very good time playing with that drawings. That is why I am so passionate about making things move on paper. Also, I always prefer to make drawn character interact with real persons.

When I was in elementary school, I learned Flash by myself and I planned to make an animation where something is drawn by a pen and the drawings can move. You can also interact with the drawings by drawing and erasing stuff. It turns out I did not manage to do it because my poor Flash skills at that time. However, that dream and that plan is never gone.

So one approach to make drawings move on paper is to make animations, the other is not make “paper”. I was totally astonished when I first got my hands on an E-ink device. The texts look exactly like something on a real piece of paper and it can change. It is like a dream comes true. And I decided I wanted to do more about it. This is actually what I wrote about when I was applying NYU Shanghai. That is how important this dream is for me.

When I decided to take Communications Lab, I understood that there used to be an Animation Course and I was kind of sad that I could not take that course. Thank Marianne that she told me there would be something about animation covered in Com Lab. After waiting for the whole semester, I finally got a chance to actually learn animation, more specifically, stop-motion animation. And I decided to do such an animation for my childhood dream. I had difficulty making the story so that I did not start the animation enough early. Before deadline, I forced myself to started drawing and I started at 1 PM and ended at 6 AM on the next day. The animation lasts 30 seconds, but it took me around 17 hours to make the prototype. I did appreciate this experience and I would like do more animations like this. This is something I really, really enjoy doing. It is a shame that there is not a story in the animation. It is basically just for fun. But it is my first stop-motion animation and I enjoyed it. I hope the viewers also enjoy it.

Larissa’s animation and reflection

This semester has come to the end with my final project. I think this animation really worth to be put as an end to finish because it combines everything that we learnt. Overall my ideas were realized and and it was just a pity that my skill was limited to achieve the perfect effect.

First I need to say that it is so different to work on a project on my own. Previously all the projects were done as groups but this time I had to decide all the steps by myself. It costed more time to come up with feasible ideas and stick to the schedule. After I shot some scenes for the first time, I ran into the first problem that when they play continuously the picture shaked seriously. So I realized that I should have used tripods, but it was too late because a lot of shooting were done. Then I was thinking how to make the characters’ body parts move along with the shaking scenes. I asked Marianne for help, and she kindly gave me the advice to make my drawings and after effect works piece by piece so that the movements of my drawing will seems more real. At that time I already had a general picture in my mind about how I was going to finish this animation. So the following steps were shooting by parts, drawing, and putting them together. Looking back all the frames, I think the steamer turning around seems the greatest. Maybe it was because the movement was the most fluent and obvious. And I think that other parts were too short to tell the story. They need more time to be clear and do not gives people a sense of rush. Anyway the animations were put together and they looked good. The final work was to add background music. I searched in online  free sound source and made them into a whole piece by using audacity. It was so efficient to first finish the animation, mark the key frames with changing in movements and put sound effects according to the order. There weren’t much trouble in making sound.

There were still many technique problems which I need to ask for help, and I think I would have saved a lot of time if I knew the skills. Also better effects will be achieved. However, I still think that I have kind of reached the goal of this animation. I realized the story in my mind by using PS, making video, using audacity and after effects. It was truly challenging but practical.

Larissa’s Animation-quicktime


Dongning’s Reflection on Animation

I always enjoy watching Japanese animus, thus it is really exciting to make my own animation with After effects. Though it is much harder than I thought, I still enjoyed the process.

I chose to make an MV for one of my favorite songs, an ending music for the anime Hakuuoki. Last semester when I studied Interactions Lab, I made two funny games with my friend, thus this time I  wanted to kind of challenge myself, choosing to make something elegant independently instead of my usual style. Before making the animation, I have made a 3-page story board, setting a complete story. However, not until I started searching for the sources I need – the backgrounds, and characters – did I finally realize how hard it was to make such an MV. The MV relied too much on the backgrounds, and the elegance of the characters. Otherwise it might look weird and cause people to laugh. Thanks to Google and Baidu, I finally found enough backgrounds. For the character, I used the screen flow to get a part from the original anime, then Premiere to export an HDMI video, and finally the pen tool and color range in keying to get rid of the background in the video in after effects. I feel like the character and the backgrounds just worked as I wanted.

But the most difficult things are the details that seemed to be easy to make but were in fact complicated. There were two scenes that were especially hard. The first was where the tears should have been dropping on to the ground. But since it was really difficult to make the “black tears” look like tears and to make the tears drop like the first viewing angle, I finally changed it to the scene where the character lowered her head and the tears dropped. The other scene was when she should hold her hands with a flower in them. But because of the fact that I wasn’t able to use the pin or more photos to make her hands look like holding, I finally decided to use one hand to hold the flower and the other to cover it. From these two scenes, I learned that when doing the animation, it is not always wise to insist on finding out how to fulfill the existing goal – like the way you wants it to be like. Instead, it may be better to find a new way which has a similar effect. We should always broaden our mind.

There’s one thing I felt regret: I wasn’t able to finish all the anime I wanted to do on time. The animation was harder than I expected, but it was also interesting. Thus Marianne helped me to cut the music to make it shorter. If possible, I would like to try to finish my animation later in the winter vacation.

It is really a great experience to learn this course. Thanks to Marriane, I am able to know knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, After Effects, Illustration (I used it in my animation), Dragon Frame and Audacity, from photos to music, from video to animation. It is also nice to have great teams working on the same project.

Helen’s Animation and Reflection


Perhaps what is most ambitious is that I have eight separate scenes so it took me some time to prepare the assets and separate the layers. Sometimes I needed to use brush tools to draw or make up, especially in a2, a4 and b4. Five characters were killing me as well. Take Leonard the frog for example. After I separated out all the body parts I found I had to let limbs and body overlap a little bit. Otherwise when I rotated them it would be so broken… as if some flesh were missing. (But it turned out to be that I spent a lot more time making them dance naturally—legs rotations and positions must synchronize with all other body parts and they must be strictly committed to music.) I meant to have those characters do morning exercise and one of them responded slower and moved clumsily. “Luckily” I changed my mind. The dancing part was far a lot much more time-consuming. Besides, the dumb ways to die idea was also fabulous.

The scenes I like most are the fruit and the motorcycle scenes. The fruit scene seems to conform to physics law. I used many puppet deform things in the motorcycle scene (motorcycle itself, wheels and Edward the worm) and it was lovely. I also appreciate the ending part. I was not intentional to keep bunny ears and let other things disappear at slightly different times but it worked really well.

Professor helped me with curvilinear motion, shadows and waterweeds and I found that it required some space visualization!

Finally… I can’t believe Thursday was our last lesson. I really enjoyed the semester and am thankful. Bye T-T


What I used in AE:

Transform: Anchor Point; Position; Scale; Rotation; Opacity

Motion Blur; 3D Layer; Parent

Effects: Gaussian Blur; Radial Blur; Puppet


Camera (Expression: Position-Wiggle)

What else I learned but not used:

Null Object

Link one Transform to another

Link Transform to Audio

Stop Motion

What else did I use:

Flash to enlarge the images

Photoshop: Brush Tool; Clone Stamp Tool; Ellipse Tool; Fill; Pattern; Adjustment Layer

Audition: Effects: Delay and Echo; Noise Reduction / Restoration; Special; Time and Pitch


helen's assets



Cindy’s animation – My Little Adventure

Though I have the experience of working with After Effects before, I could have never imagined that I would use it to make an animation!

The process of making an animation is extremely time-consuming. My first step was to create the character by collecting assets from the Internet and photoshopping them together to make it a little earth that is traveling around the world. Then I searched for “country road” images on Google  and found many high-quality photos of roads with beautiful sceneries aside to be the background pictures of my animation. I used a guitar music at first, however, I found another piece of music from an Japanese animation later that is better for my animation since it’s more energetic and spirited. I had to make some adjustments for the part I had already done since I changed the music of it. Once I start animating, the two biggest problem were how to let my character drop from the sky and land without breaking the rule of physics and how to make him walk naturally.

I asked Marianne about the first problem. She showed me how to do it with an example and it was very helpful. However, I solved the second problem all by myself. I asked Helen to walk towards me and recorded it to observe how her legs move. Later I found out that the characters in animation don’t actually move as normal people do. Fortunately, when I was taking the subway one day, there was an animation playing on the Metro TV with a character walking towards the audience, showing me exactly what my character should look like when he walks. Though the legs of my character are just two incredibly short sticks, they managed to walk like a normal cartoon character! It doesn’t look perfect, but I did my best and I’m happy with the result.

One thing I regret most is that I didn’t draw a complete storyboard before I started animating. So I had no idea what should happen next, forcing me to think about the plot while I animated. Anyway, I’m glad that I did it at last.

I can’t believe this semester ends so soon. I really enjoy spending this semester with all the amazing classmates and our incredible professor Marianne to learn so many useful skills! Wish you all a wonderful winter break.

reflection on Nature


The final animation allows me to integrate whatever I have learned during the semester in one project – photoshop, sound, premier and after effects. Having a clear idea about what I want to present to the audience, I decide to do the project by myself this time.

At first I planed to do an animation about environmental crisis using Chinese painting. I intended to use ink as a metaphor for pollution. After I found many beautiful paintings of nature, however, I changed my mind because I don’t really want these beautiful images to be polluted. I therefore simplified my plan and decided to demonstrate the harmony of nature and animals instead.

I photoshoped pictures that I found online, separated them from original context and put different parts into separate layers. The main functions I use to animate static images are key frames, position, rotate, scale, transparency and mask. I also tried camera tracing, expression and simulation to make some effects. I edited my background music and After Effect compositions in Premier to make sure that the main movement and the beat will fit.

The result turned out to be very satisfying. Marianne and my friend Jane helped me a lot in technical questions. I really appreciate their help! Many many thanks to them!

Sapphire’s final animation project & reflection

Sapphire’s final animation project

This final piece of animation project is my first time to work alone on the Comlab project myself. Without the group collaborations, I sometimes feel really stressful doing all the stuff by myself. However, it’s also an interesting experience for me to create my own story of Tuzki, a famous character on social networks, and present it to others.

I have encountered quite a few problems during the process. At first, I was not able to present all my thoughts using Aftereffects since I never used this software before and it was a little bit challenging for me. So I decided to try to simplify the process and create a simple but meaningful story. And it turns out to be effective.

Also, I was obsessed with some technical problems while doing the moving of the character and exporting the final project. The Tuzki sometimes moves in strange directions and I couldn’t find out the reason. So I added more key frames which fix the position instead to see whether it works. Fortunately, it works pretty well.

Anyhow, I am happy about the final result and appreciate the process of studying AE and all other softwares which enable me to handle more technical stuff.

Reflections on white ceiling

I have never done animation myself, so it was an interesting experience. I decided to work alone for that project and it was nice to do what I want to do, because this time I was just the only one to decide what this animation will be about.

At first I wanted to make a simple animation with a cute myself drawn character just to master the skills learned in the classroom, so I borrowed a graphics tablet from the library. I tried to draw, but drawing turned out to be terrible, so I gave up on that idea, later I was really fascinated with animation of classmates who did the drawings themselves, I know how hard it was to make.

So then I started to think what else can I do, and this is when idea of White ceiling came up. Wait, actually I had the idea of it for a long time, to be specific, not the idea, but the feeling, and many times before I was trying to express this feeling and explain it to other people, but it was hard to do it just with words, so I kinda unconsciously thought that one day I would like to make a movie about it, not animation. But animation turned to be much more powerful tool in case of explaining this feeling of being lost in dimensions, than movie would be. I’m still not completly satisfied with it, and I consider it just a rough draft for a bigger future project, because sometime in the future I want to do it with my own images and some different organization. Because this time it was really hard to find pictures for animation, and I spend a lot a lot of time on it. I also made a lot of correction in Photoshop, combining some of the pictures and separating layers, so it was helpful that we learned Photoshop before. Another problem was that the resolution of these pictures was most of the time really small, so the project format turned out to be not perfect.

At first I started to work with a middle part, I animated horse-drawn carriage, woman walking with a book, coat going go out of the room just with key frames. For the cat sleeping and the last parts with space I mainly used effects. The most complicated part was a first one with eyes blinking and fan turning around. Due to the fact the animation was done first, it was also hard to work with a sound. At first I wrote down the script and then recorded my voice with Yeti in one of the reading rooms. I turned out that my voice was too slow and the animation is too fast, so I had to do it all over again, not just one time but few times. In the end I just made the animation slower in the Premier so it will correspond to the sound. I was also a little shy about my voice and accent, so I wanted to find a native speaker to say it for me, but one of my friends made me to do it myself.

Thank you so much to all the students and Marrianne, it was nice to work with you this semester! 🙂

James(wt474) Final Animation Documentary

This semester seems really fast. Now it is already the final project!
So following I am going to talk about my final animation project, from both the generation of ideas, shooting method and final compositions.

At the very beginning, what i have in mind for an assigned 1 min animation is nothing but several separate fragments. I want to use Me and Julio down by the school yard(which is looping continuously in my mind recently) as my audio, some rage comic as elements, something cute(I don’t know whether this description is proper) and something with a relaxing style yet meaningful(at least for myself). With all these ideas I sit down and spend 2 hour to get a working storyline: rage comic combining with a story of my childhood about friendship, matching with the back ground music(Me and Julio down by the school yard), and add a piece of my favorite “boy game”.

Then come to the choose of software part. I am doing both stop motion and animation, and editing audio in order to match with my animation, so I used Dragon Frame, Premier, AE, Audacity and photoshop(adjusting stop motion). For shooting part, I cut off the rage comic materials printed or drawn. Then I placed them on green screen so that I can get rid of the background. Then I cut one piece of the video of KOF 97 Game. The beginning part was also in stop motion. The total shooting part took my around 10-15h in total.

There are problems, for sure. The first problem is in the stop motion. The animation and cinematography use two different route of pictures, so when I take pictures animation route is fine but cinematography route has delay. So finally I only can use the low-res version for my opening. And for the KOF part, the characters are moving to fast for system to tract, thus I have to do it frame by frame.

My story line starts with mama walked in and get shocked,then go back to what happened before–Julio play stones in park, kicked one on to my head, I got angry and go fight with Julio, after both of us get hurt we became good friend and walk down the street with corona(in the Me and Julio down by the school yard there is one lyric: the queen of corona. lol:P )

The final effect is as good as I have expected. Every thing turns out to be fine. I get everything I have designed and pursued after. To me this final animation is like a satisfied answer to this semester’s learning.

I believe several years later, when I come back to find this documentary, those memory will just popped up as if it happened yesterday:)

Animation by Bill Chen and Erin Wu

First of all, I should thank Erin for her hard work. The idea of the animation came from Erin and she made the later 20 seconds. She made a scene that three small cartoon characters, which we called “puppet whites”, shaking hands on the earth. That reminded us that we could make an animation goes with the song “we are the world”.

The most two famous editions of we are the world should be the one sang by MJ and the one sang by many famous singers. We didn’t use those two because we thought they couldn’t match our puppet whites’ cute style. Erin soon found out another song sang by a child, and it is the song we use now. We cut 50 seconds in the middle. The problem was we didn’t know what should we made next. I only had some rough ideas about my 30 seconds at first. I wanted to make two scenes. I was going to show lots of pictures about the global problems, including poverty, wars, resources, environment and other topics in the first scene. The second would be some puppet whites standing on a world map and shaking their hands.

The transition between the two scenes were a hard to make. I watched the movie Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. A transition impressed me a lot and that was my favorite few seconds in that movie. Cooper is driving to the NASA station, the picture shows his sadness because he doesn’t say good bye to his daughter. The background sound is the counting before craft takes off. So as Cooper drives to the station, the space craft is taking off at the same time. That transition was super smart because no one is willing to watch how the actor drives and how the craft takes off. I don’t know if any other director used similar transitions before, but anyway, I really like this transition. That made me want to put together two different scenes at the same time, this idea turns out to be my first transition at about the 20th seconds. I was satisfied to the result. In the later change I used a similar method to make a transition, to take place a transition made by Erin.

Another change I made in the later edit was the shadow. The first scene was already made in 3D so that I just add a light and shadows on the picture layers.1 

The original picture of world map had its shadow, which made it difficult to add shadows to the puppet whites. So I made a new world map without its shadow and created a new shadow for it in After Effects. I changed every layers in the animation into 3D layers and create shadows for them.

Bill(Zhenyu) Chen

Response to “Sita Sings the Blue”

Response to “Sita Sings the Blue”


The beginning part that Sita(maybe?) is dancing really attracted me. The fine screen and lively music and humorous characters told me that it might be a video telling people about culture but it was not serious and prim. The elements on the screen even zoom in and out along with music rhythm. And then all the story-telling mode was so good at facilitate audiences’ interaction with it. First, people who were talking at the background were made into two paper-cut silhouettes. So it is like we could see two people talking in front of us. To coordinate this, the India animation figures vividly move according to story contents. For example I remember a man with a crown paused his motion when two storytellers were arguing about his story. He changes into what the storyteller says he is back and forth, which was really humorous. The animation didn’t tell the story by simply make Indian characters to act, but also add two storytellers into it. It made it so much easier for the audiences to understand from a listener’s perspective.

And another thing that impressed me was the drawing style. In some parts the scene was so complicated especially in the scenes with Indian characters. The amazing image effect was achieved by the rich scene factors. Sometimes it is the mix of a lot of things that makes the animation attractive.