James(wt474) Final Animation Documentary

This semester seems really fast. Now it is already the final project!
So following I am going to talk about my final animation project, from both the generation of ideas, shooting method and final compositions.

At the very beginning, what i have in mind for an assigned 1 min animation is nothing but several separate fragments. I want to use Me and Julio down by the school yard(which is looping continuously in my mind recently) as my audio, some rage comic as elements, something cute(I don’t know whether this description is proper) and something with a relaxing style yet meaningful(at least for myself). With all these ideas I sit down and spend 2 hour to get a working storyline: rage comic combining with a story of my childhood about friendship, matching with the back ground music(Me and Julio down by the school yard), and add a piece of my favorite “boy game”.

Then come to the choose of software part. I am doing both stop motion and animation, and editing audio in order to match with my animation, so I used Dragon Frame, Premier, AE, Audacity and photoshop(adjusting stop motion). For shooting part, I cut off the rage comic materials printed or drawn. Then I placed them on green screen so that I can get rid of the background. Then I cut one piece of the video of KOF 97 Game. The beginning part was also in stop motion. The total shooting part took my around 10-15h in total.

There are problems, for sure. The first problem is in the stop motion. The animation and cinematography use two different route of pictures, so when I take pictures animation route is fine but cinematography route has delay. So finally I only can use the low-res version for my opening. And for the KOF part, the characters are moving to fast for system to tract, thus I have to do it frame by frame.

My story line starts with mama walked in and get shocked,then go back to what happened before–Julio play stones in park, kicked one on to my head, I got angry and go fight with Julio, after both of us get hurt we became good friend and walk down the street with corona(in the Me and Julio down by the school yard there is one lyric: the queen of corona. lol:P )

The final effect is as good as I have expected. Every thing turns out to be fine. I get everything I have designed and pursued after. To me this final animation is like a satisfied answer to this semester’s learning.

I believe several years later, when I come back to find this documentary, those memory will just popped up as if it happened yesterday:)

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