Reflections on white ceiling

I have never done animation myself, so it was an interesting experience. I decided to work alone for that project and it was nice to do what I want to do, because this time I was just the only one to decide what this animation will be about.

At first I wanted to make a simple animation with a cute myself drawn character just to master the skills learned in the classroom, so I borrowed a graphics tablet from the library. I tried to draw, but drawing turned out to be terrible, so I gave up on that idea, later I was really fascinated with animation of classmates who did the drawings themselves, I know how hard it was to make.

So then I started to think what else can I do, and this is when idea of White ceiling came up. Wait, actually I had the idea of it for a long time, to be specific, not the idea, but the feeling, and many times before I was trying to express this feeling and explain it to other people, but it was hard to do it just with words, so I kinda unconsciously thought that one day I would like to make a movie about it, not animation. But animation turned to be much more powerful tool in case of explaining this feeling of being lost in dimensions, than movie would be. I’m still not completly satisfied with it, and I consider it just a rough draft for a bigger future project, because sometime in the future I want to do it with my own images and some different organization. Because this time it was really hard to find pictures for animation, and I spend a lot a lot of time on it. I also made a lot of correction in Photoshop, combining some of the pictures and separating layers, so it was helpful that we learned Photoshop before. Another problem was that the resolution of these pictures was most of the time really small, so the project format turned out to be not perfect.

At first I started to work with a middle part, I animated horse-drawn carriage, woman walking with a book, coat going go out of the room just with key frames. For the cat sleeping and the last parts with space I mainly used effects. The most complicated part was a first one with eyes blinking and fan turning around. Due to the fact the animation was done first, it was also hard to work with a sound. At first I wrote down the script and then recorded my voice with Yeti in one of the reading rooms. I turned out that my voice was too slow and the animation is too fast, so I had to do it all over again, not just one time but few times. In the end I just made the animation slower in the Premier so it will correspond to the sound. I was also a little shy about my voice and accent, so I wanted to find a native speaker to say it for me, but one of my friends made me to do it myself.

Thank you so much to all the students and Marrianne, it was nice to work with you this semester! 🙂

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