Sapphire’s final animation project & reflection

Sapphire’s final animation project

This final piece of animation project is my first time to work alone on the Comlab project myself. Without the group collaborations, I sometimes feel really stressful doing all the stuff by myself. However, it’s also an interesting experience for me to create my own story of Tuzki, a famous character on social networks, and present it to others.

I have encountered quite a few problems during the process. At first, I was not able to present all my thoughts using Aftereffects since I never used this software before and it was a little bit challenging for me. So I decided to try to simplify the process and create a simple but meaningful story. And it turns out to be effective.

Also, I was obsessed with some technical problems while doing the moving of the character and exporting the final project. The Tuzki sometimes moves in strange directions and I couldn’t find out the reason. So I added more key frames which fix the position instead to see whether it works. Fortunately, it works pretty well.

Anyhow, I am happy about the final result and appreciate the process of studying AE and all other softwares which enable me to handle more technical stuff.

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