reflection on Nature


The final animation allows me to integrate whatever I have learned during the semester in one project – photoshop, sound, premier and after effects. Having a clear idea about what I want to present to the audience, I decide to do the project by myself this time.

At first I planed to do an animation about environmental crisis using Chinese painting. I intended to use ink as a metaphor for pollution. After I found many beautiful paintings of nature, however, I changed my mind because I don’t really want these beautiful images to be polluted. I therefore simplified my plan and decided to demonstrate the harmony of nature and animals instead.

I photoshoped pictures that I found online, separated them from original context and put different parts into separate layers. The main functions I use to animate static images are key frames, position, rotate, scale, transparency and mask. I also tried camera tracing, expression and simulation to make some effects. I edited my background music and After Effect compositions in Premier to make sure that the main movement and the beat will fit.

The result turned out to be very satisfying. Marianne and my friend Jane helped me a lot in technical questions. I really appreciate their help! Many many thanks to them!

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