Jack’s Exercise 11: One Day of Tuzki

One Day of Tuzki

This is my project for animation. I had a dream when I was a child, the drawings on paper starts to move in that dream. I had a very good time playing with that drawings. That is why I am so passionate about making things move on paper. Also, I always prefer to make drawn character interact with real persons.

When I was in elementary school, I learned Flash by myself and I planned to make an animation where something is drawn by a pen and the drawings can move. You can also interact with the drawings by drawing and erasing stuff. It turns out I did not manage to do it because my poor Flash skills at that time. However, that dream and that plan is never gone.

So one approach to make drawings move on paper is to make animations, the other is not make “paper”. I was totally astonished when I first got my hands on an E-ink device. The texts look exactly like something on a real piece of paper and it can change. It is like a dream comes true. And I decided I wanted to do more about it. This is actually what I wrote about when I was applying NYU Shanghai. That is how important this dream is for me.

When I decided to take Communications Lab, I understood that there used to be an Animation Course and I was kind of sad that I could not take that course. Thank Marianne that she told me there would be something about animation covered in Com Lab. After waiting for the whole semester, I finally got a chance to actually learn animation, more specifically, stop-motion animation. And I decided to do such an animation for my childhood dream. I had difficulty making the story so that I did not start the animation enough early. Before deadline, I forced myself to started drawing and I started at 1 PM and ended at 6 AM on the next day. The animation lasts 30 seconds, but it took me around 17 hours to make the prototype. I did appreciate this experience and I would like do more animations like this. This is something I really, really enjoy doing. It is a shame that there is not a story in the animation. It is basically just for fun. But it is my first stop-motion animation and I enjoyed it. I hope the viewers also enjoy it.

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