Larissa’s animation and reflection

This semester has come to the end with my final project. I think this animation really worth to be put as an end to finish because it combines everything that we learnt. Overall my ideas were realized and and it was just a pity that my skill was limited to achieve the perfect effect.

First I need to say that it is so different to work on a project on my own. Previously all the projects were done as groups but this time I had to decide all the steps by myself. It costed more time to come up with feasible ideas and stick to the schedule. After I shot some scenes for the first time, I ran into the first problem that when they play continuously the picture shaked seriously. So I realized that I should have used tripods, but it was too late because a lot of shooting were done. Then I was thinking how to make the characters’ body parts move along with the shaking scenes. I asked Marianne for help, and she kindly gave me the advice to make my drawings and after effect works piece by piece so that the movements of my drawing will seems more real. At that time I already had a general picture in my mind about how I was going to finish this animation. So the following steps were shooting by parts, drawing, and putting them together. Looking back all the frames, I think the steamer turning around seems the greatest. Maybe it was because the movement was the most fluent and obvious. And I think that other parts were too short to tell the story. They need more time to be clear and do not gives people a sense of rush. Anyway the animations were put together and they looked good. The final work was to add background music. I searched in online ¬†free sound source and made them into a whole piece by using audacity. It was so efficient to first finish the animation, mark the key frames with changing in movements and put sound effects according to the order. There weren’t much trouble in making sound.

There were still many technique problems which I need to ask for help, and I think I would have saved a lot of time if I knew the skills. Also better effects will be achieved. However, I still think that I have kind of reached the goal of this animation. I realized the story in my mind by using PS, making video, using audacity and after effects. It was truly challenging but practical.

Larissa’s Animation-quicktime


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