Final Animation Project Reflection

My animation, “Foreigner: Part 1” went through several forms before reaching the final product which I presented to our class. Originally, I wanted the animation to be a short film that explored the growth of a waiguoren (outsider) in a new city. Occurrences such as busy subway cars, a mysterious language, burning hot dumplings, etc. make the foreigner question his move to this new land. But as time goes by he gets acquainted with the culture and customs that make this place unique. While I did not have time to complete this entire plot, I opted to submit a part 1 of what this adventure could eventually become. This chapter concludes with our character catching a glimpse of a beautiful women across the street, he is stopped in his tracks.

I really enjoyed creating this project because it allowed me to combine the set of skills I have been developing during the semester while taking Comlab. From choosing and soundscaping the audio of the video to consideration of the colors and design of the world of my animation, I know for a fact none of this would have been possible prior to this semester.

I had no idea that animating, even without stop-motion, still takes an incredible amount of time and concentration to deliver a cohesive product.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments and feedback.


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