Final Video Project: UBA Promotional Video

For my final project in Communications Lab, I made a promotional commercial for my club, the Undergraduate Business Association.

The first step I had to take was figuring out exactly what I wanted in the video, and in what order. Since there was no real chronology or story to the commercial, it was difficult figuring out what to add. I spent a lot of time looking at other business-esque commercials to figure out exactly what I wanted to put in.

The first scene I made was the “Be A Word” scene. This was one that we had discussed previously amongst members of the club, without a real consideration that it was perhaps possible to actually create it. I had a lot of fun making this scene; picking the nouns and animating it to increase the speed was exciting and fun.

Next, I put together an introductory slide, which had the word “Be” transition to the color red, a motif throughout the commercial. I also left the word “Be” out for a second longer than the rest of the commercial to emphasize the “Be” sound that is present in “UBA.” I think this was particularly effective since it was followed by a large “Be A,” which obviously features the same sounds.

Next, I got some words from club leadership regarding what makes UBA special and unique. After filming, I actually put it into After Effects to add in the titles of those speaking. I used masking to spread the effect out from the outside, which was actually quite difficult to make look nice!

Finally, I added some information at the end regarding how to get ahold of the club leadership. This project was fantastic for me, because it allowed me to create an entertaining work that I’m proud of, and help my club.

Here is the video: 

And it can be found on youtube here




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