Reflection on animation project “My Fairy Tale”

This is the project that I have the deepest impression for this semester, not only because I finished it by myself for hours and hours, but also it’s such a comlex project which needs all other software skills.

The project start with the photoshop of all materials. Then is the complex aftereffects part. And finally add sound and make the combination in premiere. I have never tried  AE before and I have not epected it complicated and time consuming like this. The trial of making Tedy bear move is really a tough job. I think the most difficult part is to make it move naturally. I have designed a lot of actions for my bear but seems many of them are hard to accomplish so I  finally decided to redesign the motion. Even I photoshoped each part of the body and use pin tool to make every part move independently, when all parts combined together, the pin tool still causes some problem as the strenge bend of a certain part. But also, it is very interesting to observe and analyze how things move naturally and realize it in animaion.

I feel like some times it will make the work much easier if use the null-layer well. As a conclusion, I think in order to accomplish a rather complex aimation work, you have to design every details carefully




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