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<h1 id=”head1″>The Evolution of Art</h1>
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<p id=”paragraph1″>The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction provided many insights to the evolution of the purpose of art in western media. Although it provided insights on how art can be seen as distracting or immersive, I find Walter’s work to be severely outdated when put in relation to contemporary thought on the art of filmmaking and photography.
Another issue is that the problem isn’t with the introduction of photography and filmmakking into the artworld, it’s a problem with society moving towards rapid and fast paced consumption of art in a consumerist sense.</p>

<p2 id=”paragraph2″>In my own opinion I find the argument in The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction to be severely flawed when placed in the context of modern photography and filmmaking. There is time to concentrate on a film or photograph, and to start to become completely immersed in the process. Fine-art photography and digital manipulation have come to show that photographs can reveal hidden depth or show more depth than originally thought. The message of seeing beyond the frame is often used in the context of BOTH photography and traditional painting. As for film, the contemporary film maker(depdending on the style) like to use setting shows to establish the background of the story or to show the wonderful cinematography that is produced nowadays. The author states that these forms of art are tyrannical in nature, meaning that they force us to only view what the artist wants us to view, but I argue that with concentration, contemplation and reflection there can be much more meaning found beyond the frame, especially in terms of modern filmmaking and photography. </p2>




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