Response to the machine stops

This short story provokes the question of the relationship between human beings and machines. The Machine in the story seems to represent all those machines we human beings created. It allocates all the functions that we could possibly imagine. All those little buttons ideally makes our life easier and better. However, I did not feel a tiny bit of joy but only fear.

At first I believe the machine was created to provide convenient life for people, as our computers and other electronic devices did. Later it evolved into controlling human’s life. At the end it becomes the god. With such a machine playing the most important role in her life,  I don’t think Vashti is a human being any more. Also thousands of others who enjoys the life in their suit, praying to the machine, they claim that they are busy and ideas are so important. But why? what’s their ideas for? I did not see a little bit of happiness in their words and deeds. They are like parts of the machine, working according to a certain pattern. As they approach “spiritual”, they are actually pushing themselves away from humanity. Without happiness and difficulties, without the joy of family and friends actually gathering together, what’s the meaning of life? I cannot imagine. The only thing that gives me the sense of life is Kuna, who bravely breaks the rules and believes in that age.

At the very end, I must say luckily the machine stops and all those weird “humans” are going to die. This weird joy of mine may come from the fear of a future underground like this. Perhaps I holds the fall-behind thought. Still I don’t want to see a future like this, where people are turning into cold machines. What’s our initiation for creating all those machines? To master them to give us a happy life or to let them master us and assimilate us? Clearly the first one. So we should never forget our wishes at the very beginning. While starting to learn some technologies, we should always bare in mind that the core is human not the technology itself. We shall never lost ourselves in tracing fancier and fancier techs.

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