Maggie Walsh’s Response to On the Rights of Molotov Man

The most interesting quote in the piece was,

There is no denying in this digital age that images are increasingly dislocated and far more easily decontextualized [….] Indeed, it seems to me that if history is working against context, then we must, as artists, work all the harder to reclaim that context.

How does one just “reclaim context?” And even if you can reclaim such context, is it your right to limit the contexts in which your “subject” can be placed?

It leads me to ask, what constitutes art? Is any picture posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr considered “art.” Do we all have the rights to make sure no one goes on to reproduce nor tamper with the context of every selfie we have ever taken? 

I believe true art can be placed into many contexts, and it can lead to many interpretations. Art is a dialectic of sorts, and with everyone in communication with each other, to limit the ability of one artist to re-contextualize another artist’s piece, is limiting the communicable abilities of art.

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