fun with Photoshop

Dani: While editing and creating the image on Photoshop, I found several tools to be very useful and more used than the others. I found the magnetic lasso tool to be the best for selecting and cropping as well as the eraser tool to be the best for smoothing over mistakes or unwanted sections. In regards to the group editing/passing along process, I found the Layers feature to be extremely helpful. Being able to see exactly what layer was created and which layer came before another aided in adding in other images and details and editing. Personally, I think I would need a lot more practice to even begin to understand Photoshop because there is just so much to the program.

Nan: On my part, since on the original picture, the family fills almost all the space, i think it is hard to add things on it, so i cut the family and moved it to another big and beautiful view. Also, i think it is quite interesting to put them on the water. I made the reflection on the water. What’s more, I thought the sky was pale, so I changed the whole sky with a more interesting and more blue sky. I also make the tree more red because the original ones gave a feeling that they were so grey. At last, I added a boat on the picture, since the family should use something to get the heart of the lake. 🙂 It’s quite fun!

Nicholas: My Reflection with photoshop

After playing “exquisite corpse” using photoshop, I realized just how much work this medium required merely to alter any image. I have divided this experience thus into three quantitative groups: issues, triumphs, and an overall conclusion of what I learned.


Well, despite the training, Photoshop is still a challenge when one has a specific task in mind. For me, this task was replacing the water with lava. Not only was this challenging because I had to discover a method to make the lava fit into the image, but also because I didn’t understand how to make a solid layer of lava.

Triumphs; In the end, in my opinion at least, the lava looked magnificent. I say this because I was very happy with the lava’s end result

What I learned: I still have a way to go with photoshop; I have much to learn yet. I say this because I realize that in order to become better at photoshop, I need to practice more. Moreover, I am convinced that doing so would greatly improve my skill and knowledge.IMA comm labRound Lake, Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, New York

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