Maggie Walsh and Yu Zhou’s and Chloe Haddaway’s Photoshop Image

Documentation by Maggie and Yu Zhou only.



Yu Zhou First Turn:

I added the spaceship, the balloon and cloned a boat. I used quick selection tool to select the spaceship and the ballon, which are found online through goole picture search. For the boat, I used the stamp to clone it and placed it somewhere before a line(because when moving in the water, the boat always leaves a line behind it)
One thing that is clearly not good enough is that the light of the two objects I added to this picture does not seem very nature. I made them pretty small to kind of avoid this problem.
Yu Zhou Second Turn:
I added a Godzilla to this picture. This time I used the tool pen to select the region I want, because the color of the figure is pretty similar to the background. Again, this time the picture was from google and the problem of lighting appeared. However, because of this time the figure is rather big in this picture, the problem is more obvious. And the temperature of this picture was once cold, so I adjusted it to kind of warm(yellow) to fit it into the original picture which was taken when the sun is going down. Also, another problem appears is that due to adding another layer of Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which makes it seem unreal. I am not sure how to fix it by far.
Maggie Walsh First Turn: 
I wanted to do a picture of the Shanghai skyline, because I thought that had a lot of manipulation opportunity. I tried to add pictures of the London Eye, or the Burj Khalifa, but it was becoming quite difficult. I decided, finally, to add a picture of the Eiffel tower. I know in retrospect that I could have done a better job pasting it in, but it doesn’t look entirely awful from far away. (Obviously not the point of photoshop). I had trouble making the transition “flawless” because the Eiffel tower is quite a complex building.
Maggie Walsh Second Turn: 
Secondly, I added King Kong to the image. It was difficult to find an appropriate image, but it all worked out eventually. I had to use the clone tool to make some parts of him appear where they were cut off in the previous picture.

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