Monkey Business

Our group started with an image of a monkey jumping off of a snowy overhang. We had an initial idea to photoshop the image into the monkey skydiving, but I was the fourth in the cycle and by the time the image got to me it was filled with bananas.

There was already a lot going on in the image so I didn’t want to add to much and ruin it. The bananas in the back of the basket were all green, so I turned them yellow to make things look a little smoother, as the bright green was adding to the distracting background. When the image go to me the second time, I cleaned up some of the selection lines and also added a little motion blur to the monkey, bananas, and skateboard to enhance the visuals of them falling out of the basket.

Unfortunately, I think the motion blur made the image look worse overall. I didn’t realize that blurring the monkey would ruin the realism, as subjects closer to the lens are supposed to be more focused. I’m still super proud of my group and think our final product turned out well.


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.49.09 PM

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