Photoshop group work – Madeleine Stanley, Yue Sun, Inez Yuxin Tong

Feedback from the Photoshop work:
Madeleine Stanley:
Initially, I added a baby to the mouth of one of the seagulls in the original image. To do this, I had to erase the background from the baby photo, then resize it and rotate it slightly to match the angle and size of the birds. I also added a few adjustment layers to get the tones to match up more accurately. I additionally erased a small segment from the baby’s back where the seagull’s beak is so that it looks more like the baby is actually in the gull’s mouth.
The second time I edited the photo, I added an image of a shark eating a man to the background. I had to erase the background from the shark photo as well, though this time it was a bit more difficult since there were splashes of water included that I wanted to try to preserve. I added adjustment layers, similar to those on the baby image, in order to get the shark image to blend with the original. I also blurred the shark layer slightly so that it matched other parts of the original image on the same plane.
To update the photo, I flipped the baby around and rotated it so it was facing slightly downward, helping to incorporate it more realistically into the entire photo. I also added shadows and highlights consistent with the original photo. I removed the birds behind the baby so there was less to distract from this feature. Finally, I resized the shark, pushing it back farther into the background and making it smaller. Since it was farther in the background, I added another lens blur filter to help it blend in. I also erased some of the water splashing up from the shark since it was distracting.
Yue Sun:

When I got the first round from Madeleine, I found her added a baby into a seagull’s mouth, which was really funny. Thus I added an ice-cream onto the crying baby’s hand. I first used pencil as the instrument to cut the ice-cream from the original photo, and then I put it onto the baby’s hand. Because the ice-cream floated onto the baby’s hand, which did not fit the physical law, I used clone stamp to paint the baby’s hand on the ice-cream to make it look more real. Then I added the same filter as Madeleine did to make the changes as a whole.

The second time I got the photo, I found some more interesting changes on the photo, because in addition to a man being chased by a shark, the background of the photo became mirror symmetry. I first polished the background a bit, because there were some parts were not well cut. Then I added a shark warning sign onto the photo and put a crow onto it. And then I added the same filter.

Inez Yuxin Tong

For the first round, I’m kind of annoyed about the too much information in this photo. There are two many birds! After consideration, I make the background symmetrically so that people can focus on the middle part, where my two partners made changes.

For the second round, I’m unsatisfied when I’m done with this change. Since the whole photo is still crowded with many birds, I decided to remove some extra birds. Also, according to the changes my partners made, I decided to add a red mask on the photo so that the photo will look more solemn.

After receiving suggestions, I clean up the picture again and remove many extra birds. Also, after consideration, I’ve removed the adjustment to the background colour and keep it as the original.

ima hwseagulls.V8

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