McCloud Response

Scott McCloud’s brilliantly insightful look at the medium of comics redefined my notion of comics to be simple story lines and drawings. As a kid I would read the comic section of the newspaper out of boredom (aka I didn’t have a smartphone to stare at while eating my cereal in the morning). However, I never fully appreciated the artistry that went into the comics.

McCloud’s book is a visual marvel and portrays the complex world of art and the relationship between art and communication. McCloud dissects human perception in his book and I was fascinated with his explanation of why we prefer stylized characters to photorealistic characters. This is because we tend to think of ourselves as stylized. He explains that when you talk to another individual, you see their face in great detail, but your own face is just an abstract image in your head. Hence our identification with these stylized images of cartoons and comics.

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