Reflection on Understanding On Comics

This book has renewed my knowledge of comics, which needs more respects and passion from the public.┬áBefore I read this book, I would treat comic books as reading materials mostly for children, which has an implicit derogatory sense. However, now I would treat comics as one type of art, equal to music, drawing, etc. Though it’s still difficult to define what is comics, it is a way that artists create their world.

One of the points that interest me is about the self-refelection in comics. McLOUD claims that comics is simplifying the reality, and since human beings are self-centred creatures, we would reflect ourselves on the icons, comics become more charming. When we are reading the comics, all the icons of human beings as well as their extensions are treated as ourselves. Less information in the comics, more reflections in our mind. In this sense, comics seem to free our mind for imagination and self-reflection.

However, McLOUD also points out that even if room is left for the readers, our brain will understand the comics in a certain way. Just as we cannot interpret the combination of one circle, two dots and a line into anything else than a face, our mind has already restrict the vocabulary of comics to a “general” way. With this limitation, comics is also created by the artists particularly for human beings in the way that human beings can understand.

Another point is about the time in comics. Comics provide various ways of expression for the artists. Actions happened at the same time can be displayed in different part, change happened at different time can also be drawn in the some image. The length and width of separate images can represent the different length of time, and the lines referring to a sequential action can also give a sense of time. What is the most amazing thing is that our mind can understand all of the expressions and we love them!

Comics is an art full of changes and designed specifically for human beings. I love this book.

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