Responding to Scott McCloud

McCloud not only conveys his message of what comics is through what he is saying, but he also breaks down the stereotypes of comics by presenting his material in comic form. He explains comics first by exploring the explicit definition of comics and secondly, by exhibiting what comics is through the medium of his book.

I found McCloud’s explanation of time in comics really interesting because there is a lot more between the panels of comics than one thinks. Artists actually put so much effort into constructing a sequence of panels each containing a specific amount of time and depicting something that is happening in this specific amount of time. There is the time in which the reader is reading or looking at the panel and the time in which is actually being depicted. This makes me think about time depiction in comics versus time depiction in movies. I’ve always wondered how much of the story is missing from the movie simply because the movie cannot possibly  be long enough to capture every moment the characters experience. Even though I think time can be more controlled in comics, time is always missing.

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