A Response to Scott McCloud

As I was reading this, I felt a growing appreciation that a comic book such as this has been produced and has been widely appreciated around the world. The reason for this is that this book accomplishes something that is very important, and that is legitimizing comics as a form of art in today”s rapidly modernizing society. It wasn’t too long ago where comics were seen as something that would simply pass the time of kids, and soldiers that were being shipped off to war. It wasn’t seen as something that was to be widely appreciated by all ages and genders everywhere, but as the art form evolved, it’s demographic also started to widen as well. When comparing the first comics, you see simple panels and stories, things that would be easy to understand to the young reader. Nowadays comics utilize the techniques that are presented in Scott McCloud’s book, and even more techniques that aren’t even presented in his book. Of course I am slightly biased because I like comic books as well, and I would sit in the library for hours reading all the comic books that they had available.

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