comic comic!

i can say that i was a big fan of Japanese comics. i really enjoyed reading it and loved the characters in it. I haven’t realize that I was influenced so much by comic and be tricked by the artists until I read this book.

First, what I think is very interesting is that this book on comic is expressed by comic!  For example, let’s just take a look on the introduction. it’s only one page long, but it contains all about the main idea of this book by telling us the conversation between the author and his friend. Also, Scott often used himself as an example in this book. like in the chapter of icon and cartoon, he used his own glasses to tell us that the simpler the icon is, the more information it can bring and be sent to us.

What’s more, I just found the connection between comics and interactive media. Because both of them are about interaction! In comic, i start to understand that why i was so excited when i was reading a comic book like One Piece.(a famous Japanese comic) It’s because I put myself into the character, imagining that this character is me and I was experiencing the whole story. This time, i was actually communicating with the author of the comic book.

Also, as a person who like drawing so much and even planned to be a comic drawer, this book really gives me a lot of professional guides, such as time frames, the invisible of comics and so on. i still have a feeling that this book will be so helpful on my later filming project!:P

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