Maggie’s Response to “Understanding Comics”

I found myself giggling as I turned the pages of this surprisingly entertaining read. Most pieces assigned in academic writing are not the epitome of fascinating, but I think the unique representation of hard facts was perfect to convey what a comic really is about.

I never thought about panel sizes in comics. How some blocks are smaller than others. But, now it really makes sense. One of my favorite quotes in the piece was in the very beginning on page 7.

Space does for comics what time does for film!”

The pauses between characters in movies create tremendous tension that is palpable to the audience chewing popcorn. In a comic, the size of the panel, the arrangement of words, the text size, are the mediums by which emotion is conveyed. A particularly sized panel, helps the reader understand the emotion of the character.

pg 3 panels 7-9

^ The varying sizes of the panels allow us to understand the sense of emotion the artist wants us to experience. It is represented through SPACE.

giphy (4)

^ Whereas the gif of a show, utilizes TIME. The repetitive word choice, and time spent yelling is the way the television show conveys its emotion and intention.


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