Response to McCloud

One problem that makes me feel uncomfortable when reading is the sequence of the comics. I always got lost and had no idea from which side I should start reading, left or right. Most of cases, I can kind figure the sequence out after finishing reading the whole row. The similar problem is mentioned in this comic, but McCloud seems to fail to do it well, from my perspective at least.

Set that problem aside, the book is amazing and humorous. It is easy to read. However, it avoids being superficial. One moment that I like most is when McCloud tries to change his cartoon face to a more realistic one, and says “You won’t listen to me if I stand here with this face”. I found it pretty reasonable and plausible after giggling for a while because of his sudden humor.

I find that human’s participation when reading comic plays a crucial role when deciding whether the comic is a qualified one—does the comic leave adequate space for readers to “put” themselves into cartoon character? Does it use possibly least pieces of panels to let readers use closure to complete the un-drew scenes? These all depends on OUR senses. Reader’s participation is crucial since it gives different people different feeling when reading comic—they can have various cognitions of one cartoon character. Similarly, the panels that they imagine between two actual panels may vary.

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