A broken she/he – comics by Isabella, Maggie, Luke and Inez


The process of making this comics is really fun. We passed through several steps when confirming the theme and expression way. First, Isabella, Luke and I have decided to talk about a comparison of boys and girls’ reaction after they break up. Then we decided to do 8 panels, from break-up to thinking about each other. When Maggie joined us, she brought us many new ideas, such as combine real photos with drawn characters. After discussion, we decided to use Maggie’s idea to express our comics. We also decided to change 8 into 7 panels as well as to add words. Maggie and Luke are in charge of taking photos, Maggie also draws the characters, Isabella is in charge of frames, and Luke and Inez are in charge of collecting other sources and editing the comics. I feel proud when our final comics come into being. 🙂


Working on this comic was interesting. We came up with the idea to merge real life and cartoons. We took pictures of very familiar places to everyone in the NYUSH student body, (Family Mart, Starbucks, hallway, gym, etc.) By doing this we hoped to achieve a type of reality in which the readers of our comic could relate to. We wanted to leave the characters vague so that anyone reading it could project themselves onto the person, be it boy or girl.

As to the technical aspects, I found the Wacom tablet super cool! I want one for myself to doodle during classes, or to write notes on my laptop, since I am still a firm believer in the fact that I need to write things down to process them. I think the most difficult part of our comic was trying to convey our message. We wanted to talk about the breakup process, and their respective reactions/repercussions, but we wanted to convey this predominantly through characters and not words. Toward the end, we realized words were a little necessary if we wanted people to understand what we were trying to say.
Comic working is attractive, for what you can do can be everything. Just use your imagination. We took pictures from the real life and combine them with comic icons where is the most interesting in this comic work to make our comics more closer to real life. Talking about the technology tools, we find the Wacom tablet is useful and easy to learn. When I saw Maggie using it, she at first was not that familiar with this tool but just after few minutes she created several lifelike comics persons, which is amazing.

A broken she:he


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