Comic Reflection

We came up with the idea for the comic quite quickly. The difference between breakups in boys and girls was an easy choice, but one that has probably been done a lot already, so we added some twists to the comic. None of us are very good at drawing, so we wanted to include as little necessity for drawing as possible. We decided to take pictures of the backgrounds and overlay a drawn character onto the image to add a bit of variety. The photos were taken in and around the school and dorms to add relevance to our community.

This project was a great reflection for me to see how far my photoshop has come in just a few weeks. I never thought I would be able to use photoshop productively, especially not to make something from scratch as opposed to just editing an image, but I’m really impressed with the work our group did. The Wacom tablet also turned out to be a great tool. I didn’t use it but Maggie did a great job making our cute little characters, and it was really nice to have them right in photoshop as oppose to having to scan or photograph them and deal with shadow or discoloration.

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