In this comic we went for a depiction of a stickman entering an alternate world in a painting, a world filled with color and detail. We storyboarded the comic first and tried to go for many different concepts, such as another person pushing the stickman off the cliff instead of a hand, and the comic becoming realistic once the borders reformed after he fell. Instead we went for a more simplistic route and kept the stickman motif throughout while reserving the detailed bits for the inside of the painting. Unlike traditional comic book style, we opted for the frames to be disconnected so that we could introduce the man being pushed out of the frame in the later frame. The whole comic was constructed vertically so that the viewer can have an easier time viewing the passage of time and to also help out the comic in terms of the minimalist style with lack of dialogue. Overall, we wanted to do something that isn’t usually done and that’s to literally break the fourth wall and make our character get pulled into a new dimension, and then abruptly poked out back to his original home.

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