Maggie’s Response to Everything is a Remix

Kirby Ferguson’s idea that innovation is not based on creativity should not have surprised me as much as it did. His ideas made such logical sense, that one would think they would have thought about it before. But, this is SO not true. When I thought of innovation, I thought of one super smart anomaly of a person, who happened to think differently than everyone else. But innovations occur out of the efforts of many, not of one. You start as someone copying the greats of others, and then through a process of efforts, you create a work that is “new.” But, is it really new? Of course not, it is an accumulation of everything you have learned, and nothing you learned was yours to begin with.

It is like imagining a new animal! Think of anything. Here is one to look at.


The thing about this animal is that while it doesn’t necessarily exist, its component parts do. Its head is a fox, its body is a bird. While you think you can create a new animal, one that no one else has seen, well, this is true. But the parts, are not. Same with a song, with a movie. The product may be new, but its structure lies in years and years of history.

What I want to think about most is what our world would be like if the remixing of copyrighted material did not carry with it a “social taboo?” If everyone was encouraged to cooperate, communicate, and share all their ideas, discovers and information, what kind of incredible things would our world discover? Is the concept of intellectual property problematic and curbing the potential progress of the world? Or does it keep honesty, and credit in check?

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