Response to The Ecstasy of Influence Yu Zhou

My first impression on this selected article is: oh, Bob Dylan again. Then I found out he was just among the many famous people in various fields mentioned in this essay. It seems that I can think of the question of copy, plagiarism from both sides. And there’s actually no simply yes or no. I like the idea of using scissors to cut the universe into pieces and then create, rearrange the pieces. This metaphor fascinates me.

“Finding one’s voice isn’t just an emptying and purifying oneself of the words of others but an adopting and embracing filiations, communities and discourses. ” I bet everyone more or less agree with this idea, but I am amazed at how the author structured his words!

The part in this essay that catches my eyes most is the USEMONOPOLY. The underlying meaning of copyright discussed by the author refreshed my understanding of the term. I was among the majority who take it for granted that copyright is a law, a sign of advanced, well-organized civilization. Now I am pretty much convinced that this is a social negotiation as stated by the author. The art and the nature of this world did not have the implication of copyright. It is the product coming out of economic concern to protect personal gain in order to help with the growth of the society and the mankind.

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