Brad and Angelina in Shanghai – Kelsey, Dani, Yu

brad & angelina in ShanghaiEDIT

Yu’s part:

According to the class discussion, I changed the size of the minipanels in the first panel to make the figures and speech more easy to read. Also I drew lines of the figures to make it more comic like and to match the following panels. Air plane is emphasized with black lines too. In the second panel I deleted the speech bubble to make it clearer and simpler.

Dani’s part:

For my adjustment of the comic, I enlarged the pop out box in panel 2 to make it obvious that the intention was to zoom in onto the original image. I also centered the texts inside the speech bubbles.

Kelsey’ part:

For the changes I adjusted the speech bubbles in the fifth panel to match the tone of the speech as suggested in class. I also gave Angelina a different hairstyle to match previous panels. I tried to adjust the line thickness in the sixth one, but due to jagged selection edges it did not turn out well.

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