Comic Revisions: Maggie, Luke, Inez, Isabella


A broken she:he


comic draft (Revised)



After the presentation of Tuesday we took what everyone had to say, and tried to incorporate it into our comic:

  1. We attracted attention to the beginning of the comic by adding the red frame around the first panel. Now the attention is not drawn to the big black panel on the bottom
  2. We changed the positioning of the boy and and girl in the second panel, so that their body language points toward the right. We wanted it to push the story forward.
  3. We extended the red from the breakup scene across the whole comic to not only separate the boy and girl, but also to imply a parallel time progression. We aim to allow people to better understand the direction by which they read our comic.


After the critique about our comic panels, I found out some basic elements of making comic which we didn’t think of before. Like how could you attract someone’s eyes from the very beginning and hoe could you make the comic in a easy way to be understood by the audience. These elements gives me a alert on how to make a great comic.  For what a really fabulous comic to me, first it must be meaningful and next it have to include the comic experience. last but not least, a great comic must have a great story line.


With the critiques from class, I can feel the complex notion in the simple images. Comics seems to have more inspiration from people’s instinct.  Since people have an expectation of simple panels for comics, all the underlining emotion have to be obvious for reader to capture and logic should be set up when constructing the comics. The colour and image we used need to be well-designed to catch people’s eyes and arouse their attention all through the panels. For instance, we revise the direction of the character so that people can be led fro the beginning to the end of the story. Also, comics is to present multi-axis imagination by the 2-dimension world.
We got some good feedback for this comic. I definitely noticed the heaviness of the black computer panel after it was pointed out to us. We added in a red line from the first panel to both divide the boy and girl sections and draw the eye in the right direction of the comic. We also received an idea to make the boy and girl sections look as though they had been ripped, but opted not to implement this critique because it didn’t fit with they style that we wanted. I was pleased with how our comic came out in the first round, and doing these critiques is always really helpful to make the piece even better in ways the creators can’t really see.

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