Re-Undersatnding Comics with McCloud

I am glad to say that this was my second time reading Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics” having previously done it for my IB English class. The first reading was more to see how a “text” could be presented in terms of comics and images and this second reading had me looking at the book in light if the fact that I was to use McCloud’s tips to create a comic panel of my own.

Though I would never be classified as a comics’ fan, I only religiously followed one football comic growing up and usually preferred the shorter cartoon panels in the newspaper. Reading McCloud’s book had me analyzing all the “stylistic” choices an artist takes into consideration to make their panel a success. It surely wasn’t just the story embedded in the comic that had me purchasing the books every week, it was, according to McCloud, also due to the way the comic panels were laid out, and this helped me appreciate the final products and work of the artists even more!

From this reading, I took away that the audience’s engagement (or what the artist foresees the engagement will be like) is a great influence in the work being produced by comic artists, and therefore should I ever consider being one, I should take the minute choices with a thorough thought process especially if the comic is a short strip versus a book-long comic.

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