Reflection on Photoshop

After an extensive session of attempting to Photoshop the beautiful image we started with, I can come to the conclusion that learning how to use photo-editing tools with minimal frustration will take more than a few days work. This was my first time using Photoshop, however I am up to the challenge and would like to see how far I’d go in improving my skills. In this project, I added the top hat to the monkey in this image in an attempt to make the monkey out to be like a magician that convinces the minion to give up his bananas to him, in this cold barren winter land. My next edit involved colour-correcting the image so that the bananas tried to blend in with the new green background. My greatest challenge I’d say was trying to incorporate other elements of certain images pulled from the Internet. For example I wanted to add dark reflective glasses to the image but I failed to cut off just the round edge and place it on top of the eyes like the monocle. Additionally, despite using the various clone tools, I failed to remove the tiny snowflakes on the hands of the original monkey. However, I think blurring the image kind of achieved that. In general it was a fun experience anticipating what next my group-mates- Billy, June and Isabella would do to alter the image.

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