Billy and Nick Sound

Initial Sound:

Final Sound:

Billy’s Reflection:

The project we made is about Nicholas and I surviving within a zombie apocalypse. We took a long time to put everything together, since we needed to redo a lot of the voice recordings to choose the best combinations of voices. Nicholas made the narration and his character’s voice, and I think he has an outstanding variety of voices that will bring a smile into our faces. I made the script dialogue and voiced my character as well. After having the recordings and the additional sounds found in, I compiled everything according to the script; the compilation took around three hours. Nicholas imported the music and revised what I have compiled, and the final product is finally done.
I noticed that the sounds in the headphones and the ones in the surround sound are completely different; I did not expect this to happen. However, overall, I had quite a lot of fun making this sound audio log.

Nicholas’ Reflcetion:

This project was probably the most difficult for me thus far, because of all the topics/activities covered in this class, “sound” was something I had no previous experience with. However, my partner was excellent, as he was knowledgeable and creative, which really helped our creative process.

My biggest challenge was understanding the terminology and applications taught in class, and hence using those lessons in the creative process. At first, I was highly intimidated, and really just played it by ear. Billy was the main editorial force in our rough draft, and hence I was not put to the test.

When it came time to revise our initial process, Billy and I worked cohesively to complete the task. In this capacity, I learned how to use the software by doing it, which really reinforced what I learned in class. Furthermore, every mistake we made in the process taught me something better. I can fairly say that working on the audio clip this week was perhaps the most helpful in terms of me learning the material, and I can say I am proud of the finished project.

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