July and Inez’s audio

We are trying to tell the story of a robot and a lucky girl. Although there’s limit communications between them because of the language barriers, the love and companionship is universal. We design the script for the audio first and then gather materials for the audio from either online or recording. When downloading records, we use http://file2hd.com to transfer video or other sources into audio; http://freesound.org  to find the sound; http://www.readspeaker.com/voice-demo/ to change the language. After that, we use audition to edit and combine all the records, sounds and music together.

During the process, we have encountered lots of the difficulties:

For instance, to display the sound of the robots, we have tried several methods: 1. effects/modulation/ Flanger/robotic  2. effects/time and pitch/Stretch and Pitch – make three copies of one audio and put them in three tracks, keep one normal and add lower pitch, raise pitch to the other two respectively, and run them at the same time 3. record a robotic background noise and add it on another track to the original audio and play them at the same time. After making a trial to each method, we finally using both method 1 and 2, and manage to figure out how to change the human voice to a robot voice.

Another problem occurs when trying to find some sounds. We use  http://freesound.org a lot to find the sound, and it’s super convenient. However, some of the sound is not available, so we try other methods like looking for a video edition and then change it into the audio file. Basically we applies two methods, one of them is copy and paste the link to http://file2hd.com and extract the video track to audio, and another one is to download the original video and import into adobe premiere, and them only keep them audio part. Other than that, we have tried different recording equipments, we have found that Blue Yeti Multi-Pattern USB Microphone has a perfect sound quality while Tascam DR-40 Handheld Digital Audio Recorder cannot prevent the noise. Thus, eventually, we record our audio with the former one and has achieved satisfactory sound performance.

Talking about the future improvement, we hope we can figure out how to present the audio in different ways so that every moment can be meaningful. Now the audio still has plenty room that is informative but not interesting.

Anyway, it’s super fun of making this audio!

Here is our audio!

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