Street Food Audio/ Chloe and Isabella

Isabella and I originally didn’t know what kind of audio we wanted to create, but we knew we wanted to use sounds associated with Shanghai life. We then decided to use sounds of local street food vendors. Originally, we were just going to record people ordering street food and compile it into one audio sound. However, once we actually went out and used the TASCAM to record the sounds, we realized we had much more than voices.

When we heard all the sounds we got with the TASCAM, we had the idea to turn them into a song. Along with the voices, the TASCAM also picked up sizzling, hitting of pan, etc. We uploaded the file and in garage band cut the file to separate individual sounds. We repeated the sounds to create different beats with the sizzling and pan hitting, then layered in voices.

From there, Isabella and I were a little stuck because our sound was boring, so we asked a DJ friend of ours to help make it sound more like a song. With his help, we used logic pro to mix up the beats a bit and add echo effects.

For our revision of the audio, we added a loop sound from garage band to make the sound a bit lower. We also upped the volume and added other voices to make the context more clear.

Here is the original sound


and the revised sound

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