Maggie, Inez, July: Storyboard.

IMG_0511Scene 1-6. Closeup of teddy bear, until the purchase of the Teddy bear at the counter

IMG_0512Scene 7-12. Continual of purchase, and walk out onto the street while on the phone

IMG_0513Scene 13-18. Phone conversation, and pass off of the teddy bear to a friend

IMG_0514Scene 19-24. The “crazy” girl wraps the teddy bear, and the boy goes on a date with his girlfriend

IMG_0515Scene 25-30. The boy surprises his girlfriend, by giving her the wrapped teddy bear, the crazy girl walks into the store.


Scene 31-36. Questions, madness, and “surprises” ensue!

ThereWhile this may qualify as some of the world’s worst drawing, it was immensely helpful.  We can already see how this saved us loads of time upon filming. It was extremely important for us to work out our differences in one spot before we headed out with all of the equipment. By going through this shot by shot process, we solidified our plot, and we are all now 100% on the same page as to where we want our video to go, and how we want it to look. It makes the filming process something we look forward to rather than are worried about. While we had quite a bit of conflict, it was healthy conflict, and it led to a better and more developed project. With 36 scenes to shoot, we are super excited to embark on this project.

As for the process, we cut out more than half of our original story, because we realized we were leaning toward the length of a feature film rather than a few minutes.

Besides basing out the simple characteristics of each shot, we used color to identify special effects. Whether it be illuminated red eyes, artistic lighting from the back, or an after effects filter we will need to apply in post production. (except in the first page where we got carried away with color in the hair, and on the teddy bear). Occasionally we used arrows to represent transition, or movement, but we left the scene vague enough to be up to artistic interpretation at the time of shooting. Now that we have a solid plot, the rest is more of a collaboration process where we are all (hopefully) on the same page 🙂

Oh! And we are excited to pick our cast.

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