Assignment 6

1. Continue work on the interactive comic project (due March 8). Over the weekend you and your partner/team should start gathering photo assets, begin drawing, or otherwise start to get the visual elements of your story together.

2. Finish the JavaScript mini-project over the weekend if you do not complete it during recitation.

Assignment 5

1.  Post links to two websites that you think have interesting or innovative user interactions. Explain why you are drawn to them and what makes them unique to you.

2.  Begin work on your comic project. There is nothing due next session, but I am expecting you to have met at least once with your partner/team before then. I will be calling randomly on groups next time to share progress and story ideas, so bring notes and visual inspiration to class.

Assignment 4

  1. Read “Understanding Comics”, chapters 1-4. Post a response to the class blog.

2. Take your webpage that you built for Tuesday… and add some style to it. Experiment with color, type, and layout, and feel free to use properties we didn’t discuss in class. Try to use an EXTERNAL stylesheet only; I do not want to see all of the CSS in <style> tags or inline in the document!

Upload your page to the NAS, and post the link to the IMA blog. This time, write a longer post about the process styling your site, what worked, and where you ran into issues.