Assignment 24

Continue work on your web project (reminder: it’s due Thursday, May 12). Keep collecting assets, and begin work on the webpage elements.

Be prepared to update the class on your progress (with things to show if possible!) on Tuesday.

Assignment 23

Reading for class (links available on syllabus)

  • “Web Work: A History of Net Art”, Rachel Greene

Post a response to the reading on the class blog.

Begin work on your web project (reminder: it’s due Thursday, May 12). Start small; this could mean collecting photo or audio assets, writing some simple HTML, or shooting some video. Think about the basic building blocks of what you need.

Assignment 22

Come up with a proposal for your web project and post to the class blog (if you are working in a group, one per group is fine).

Readings for class (links available on syllabus)

  •  “Hackers and Painters”, Paul Graham
  • “Computers, Pencils and Brushes”, Paul Rand

Post responses to both readings on the class blog.

Assignment 21

Finish your video project (including the website it lives in!). Don’t forget about the blog post documenting the work. The post must contain:

  • A description of the project and a working link
  • A discussion of your process and how the project works
  • A post-mortem on whether or not the project met your goals

**Everyone must write an INDIVIDUAL documentation post.**

Assignment 20

Continue work on your video project (reminder: it’s due Friday, April 22).
Your next milestone is to have some form of rough cut completed by Tuesday! Bring your rough cut in to class and be prepared to demo/show part of it, as well as to discuss any progress you still have left to make.