Sight project: Christmas tree

Christmas and Chinese New Year have already passed, but I wanted to keep this holiday mood so that’s why I decided to do a Christmas tree which lights up for this project. I was choosing between weaving and felting technique, ending up with the second one, thinking that first one is harder and more time-consuming, but things turned out to be not the way I planned. Now, needle felting seems harder to me, than weaving, even though it does not require that much actions, but that only stabbing action that is required makes your hand really tired.

I decided to do 3D Christmas tree, which is made of few different 2D pieces. I started off with making a paper version of it, so to see what is the best way to organize it.

IMG_0169 IMG_0170

After few attempts I ended up with a right one.


The next step was to find yarn, I chose dark and light green. I followed the same felting process that we did in our first lab.


I was stabbing and stabbing a poor innocent christmas tree for hours.


After few hours it begun to look more like a fabric.


Originally I was planning to do more than 4 of those pieces, but after making one I realized that was a bad idea. I used an overlock stitch for sewing the edges for each piece with white thread so it would look like  snow.


Then I folded up the piece and felted it on the folding line so it would turn to this shape.


Finally, I ended up with three almost the same pieces. It was a little mafan to make them equal. And for the last I didn’t have enough dark green that I was using, so I had to add way more light green to the last piece, than to two others.


But when I placed them together it was okay, and the difference was not that visible. I just sewed them together in the middle using normal green thread.


Then using a conductive thread I sewed chibitronics LEDs into Christmas tree, it was a little hard to  sew them so that + and – thread would not touch each other, and it took a while, but I managed to it. And the tree did light up with six LEDs and 3 voltage battery!


I placed some colorful pins (I had to cut them, because they were too long) so it would look more like a Christmas tree and white snow made of yarn, so the battery would not be visible. I also wanted to add some silver sparkling things but I couldn’t find them.


 Merry Christmas!



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