Assignment 12: Rough Cut

So far I was able to animate my character waking up and walking to the door. Since I didn’t really know how to do this before I started, aside from the instruction in class and tutorials, it took a lot of time. I am hoping my future scenes go a little bit faster… to be continued

Final Project Idea

For my comparative politics class, I have been doing a lot of research into South Sudan. I have become increasingly interested in the role social media plans in international intervention and have been focusing on the role of the United Nations.

To add the geographical element, I would like to research immigration out of Sudan and map where those migrations are taking place. For example, I know a large number of Darfur people are now residing in refugee camps in Chad– 2 million people actually. In addition, a significant number of South Sudanese moved to the United States and where coined, “The Lost Boys,” because their homes were demolished in civil war.

As depressing as it is to write, I think it would be very interesting to visually document where these groups of people migrated. XY told me once, “processing is a tool.” How better to utilise a tool than to educate people about international crisis, problems that don’t always make the front page.

Assignment 12: First draft on Animation by Angy and Tristan

In this first video of our animation we started  developing our idea and follow the plot we created. This video is a critique on consumerism in China in singles day created by Jack Ma –Alibaba’s Owner.  We also included some political critiques using images and characters that allude to world issues such as environment, technology and sports.

The quality of the video on Youtube is not the best. We couldn’t quite figure our how to have a better resolution, however we will work on that and on the lighting. We will also add sounds ( a cash machine sound overtime he sells something), we will add subtitles for the prices, and we will add other allusive sounds that will really make our animation improve. ( We will work on our premier video which has a better quality)

Hope you like it!



Final Project Prompt

For my final project I want to create an interactive map to represent works of Hungarian literature published outside of Hungary during the years of the Communist regime in the 20th century.

Each town of publication will be represented with a spot on the map. The size of the spot will represent the number of works published. When the mouse is brought over each spot, the spot will dissolve into smaller spots in three lines representing works of poetry (red spots), prose (blue), and drama (green). When clicked on, the detailed data of the works will come up. Furtherly, the color of the big spot (which displays when the cursor is not above it) will be composed of an RGB value where the amount of red, green and blue in the mix represent the percentage of prose, poetry and drama published there out of all works published there.

The map is also going to have a header where the user can sort data by authors name or by genre. It will also have a button which when clicked on will show all the data of the author last searched in detail.

I plan to use data researched on wikipedia, either manually, or if I find a way to search wikipedia in a faster way, then I’ll definietly stick to the swifter option.

Assignment 12 – Animation (Progress) by Joe and Amy

This has been the most difficult, but most rewarding project of the semester. Amy and I spent over 3 hours taking hundreds of still frames in order to create this short 40 second stop motion film. The idea started with a remix of Tom & Jerry on our storyboard, and came to life when we drew and cut our characters. Lighting was a very big issue from the start and we had to film it in an area that would create the least amount of shadows around our cut outs. In total we shot over 400 frames, and yes that includes bending down and moving every object. We had to point the tripod straight down over the figures and made sure we never moved the camera. Creativity and great ideas flowed as we filmed coming up with on the spot ideas to make the film even better. For example, when the gingerbread man dropped, Amy had the great idea to make him bounce. I also decided to add the comic bubbles to show some emotion and create a more comedic film.

Some of the real magic came about while I edited the video. Adding music and sound effects brought the story to life and made it much more entertaining to watch. Sound effects had to be placed about .1 seconds before the actual frame so it would sync better to the viewers ears and eyes. A classic Tom & Jerry text was added to give the introduction more appeal. I also went through each frame to take out any shots that came out blurry, and extended the length of certain shots so the audience could focus on the action. Each shot was about .1 seconds long, so I added .1-.3 seconds for certain frames that needed more emphasis. For example, Tom & Jerry both look up at one another and I prolonged this scene in order to give it more meaning. Overall, I had a great time filming and working with Lyndsey, I am very satisfied with our results. Hope you enjoy!


Assignment 12 – Response to 12 Principles of Animation by Joe

After learning about the 12 different principles, it made me appreciate animation much more. The animation project I did took 4 hours to film and edit, and we didn’t even include all 12 principles. Animation has to take into account many of the effects that a real life actor will do naturally. It seems to me that in order to do animation well, one must be very carful and meticulous about every detail to give the most realistic movements and scenery. But one could also play with these effects to create a very different type of animation. Overall, animation includes many steps and here is what I found most interesting about each step:

  1. Squash and Stretch
    • If I had not watched this video I would have never thought of the different volume and shapes used to give an object its appearance from a water balloon to a bowling ball.
  2. Anticipation
    • I appreciate how he used the technique of anticipation in order to trick the audience into thinking something different.
  3. Staging
    • Used to force the audience to look in one place, so that you can control what they see.
    • I also used staging in my editing of my animation, so that the audience would see the fish looking at each other and it would appear more natural.
  4. Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose
    • Pose to pose seems to be a much more effective way of animating that can save a lot of time.
    • But something like fire needs to be drawn straight ahead in order to make it look more natural.
  5. Follow through and Overlapping Action
    • Amy and I used this technique (although not that well) in our animation when the gingerbread man falls, he bounces back up a few times.
  6. Slow In and Slow Out
    • Used to make the characters and action appear more naturally.
    • This is something I should have thought about during my animation.
  7. Arc
    • Arc makes the movement of the object or person more fluid and natural. It allows for realistic movement in a circular form that I wish I would have incorporated in my animation project.
  8. Secondary Action
    • I find it amazing how the same action can be perceived in so many different ways by adding a secondary object like a closed or opened fist when knocking on the door.
  9. Timing
    • More drawings means slow, and less drawings means fast which is something very important to take into account when wanting to show the timing and speed of something.
  10. Exaggeration
    • To me exaggeration is what makes cartoons so funny and well cartoonish. They make emotions more than realistic and give characters their personality.
  11. Solid Drawing
    • I always wanted to learn how to draw 3D realistic figures and this video showed me how. To use spheres, cubes, and cylinders along with perspective to form the character.
  12. Appeal
    • Appeal is probably one of the most important aspects of making a cartoon. While the other aspects make a cartoon look more realistic. Appeal is what actually makes people want to watch the cartoon.


Assignment 12 —— progress of animation

We went to Daxue Rd and found a shop selling puzzles to find views for our animation. The picture below is the house for the little boy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.31.51 PM

We also shot on the street and imitate what would going to happen to the little boy on the street, like walking on the street, protecting himself from being stepped by the passerby etc.

IMG_9624  IMG_9619

By Sunday, we finished all the shooting part, and Joanna begins to edit the video and I am now responsible for the drawing part. Both of us tried to make some short animation before we started to make our animation. We used the pen tool to add mask, and create the effect of writing the title out. So far, we are moving well.

Baiwei Xu: final project essay

Definition of interaction

Interaction is a kind of mutual and reciprocal action that two or more objects influence each other. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction.(Wikipedia) Through interaction, the objects that get involved in the process could get better and more direct communication and cooperation, as a result of this, the whole team could work out better. So literally, in my opinion, interaction is a better way of communication, cooperation and motivation.

Propose what you would like to do in the final project

For the final project, Yiming Ma and I are going to make a smart bag which could help you protect your bag against theft and send signal to the device you set before and people around you. This idea is from one of my personal experiences, when I was walking on the road at night, chatting with my friend, my bag was open by a thief and he stole my mobile phone, which makes me feel extremely sad, so I would like to make an object that could help me protect things in my backpack. Secondly, when you meet some unexpected situation, the smart bag will provide you with the function that the bag could help you send the SOS signal to someone or mobile device you want it sends to when you were in the difficult situations. The last functions is to remote the alarming light by using the Bluetooth function and give an alarm even when you are far away from your bag or even some messages to the bag. To achieve this, we are going to make the bag consists with these three parts.

Critique an established form of interaction or specific interactive experience related to your final project.

Now in market, there does really exist such kind of smart objects, my home has a smart system, which functions as electric monitor in your home, placed around the window to help you guarantee your home’s safety, once it sensed danger around your home, it will send message to your mobile phones, reminding you that there might be some danger. Once my mom and I were having dinner outside, my mom suddenly received a warning, so we immediately hurried back to home, but when we got home, just finding that there is a small cat lying around the window, which made us really upset, because the dinner at that night is really important, but we just left. So the system now is not well-organized enough, the sensor system isn’t complete which often makes awkward things like my story happened. But if we could improve on the sensor system, the project could bring convenience to us instead of “inconvenience”.

Assignment 11: Rough cut of Amy and Joe’s animation

I just watched the twelve principles of animation in a row, which were so interesting and helpful that I couldn’t help clicking into Alan Becker’s page, watching some more tutorials and subscribing his channel. There are indeed many things we need to take into consideration when making animation. Details that we don’t pay much attention to in the real life actually play a very important role in animation to make things real and dynamic.

Below is the first cut of Joe and I’s stop-motion animation about two Tom and Jerry fish.  So far we only have the fish, a tree and an igloo; we will add a fishbowl frame later on. Though it is hard to apply “anticipation” to our paper fish, we make the gingerbread man bounce a bit after hitting the ground and the pink fish to go up a bit before hitting hard on the blue fish in order to make it more vivid.

Doing stop-motion needed more work than what I expected. I mean, Joe and I needed to kneel down, adjust everything and get up every shot because we place them on the ground. It really gave me a complicated feeling when I tried to delete a crazy number of pictures the former user took for their stop motion movie and then realized that we had almost as many pictures.